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Let’s Talk Lasers

There is a wide spectrum of lasers that are available to dermatologists today, each with its own specific purpose. The type of laser is determined by the specific wavelength or colour released, and different beams are suited for targeting different skin concerns. The most common lasers at Rejuvenation are the Vbeam®, PicoWay® and CO2RE devices.


Lasers have been used to selectively treat a number of vascular-type lesions for years. Vbeam® is a type of pulsed dye laser that is very specific for treating blood vessels. Common conditions needing pulsed dye laser include rosacea, angiomas, telangiectasias (broken blood vessels) and sun damage (poikiloderma). One of the advantages of pulsed dye laser is its superior safety. Scarring is considerably rare when using this device, whereas scarring can be common among other skin treatment methods like surgery or electrocautery. Although bruising can occur with pulsed dye laser, the Vbeam® in particular has an ultra-long pulse duration which can help achieve more even results and greatly reduces the risk of bruising. Vbeam® is incredibly customizable allowing dermatologists to precisely target the size and type of skin condition being treated.


A melanin-specific laser is the most effective laser at treating pigmented or brown spots on the skin. The PicoWay® is an advanced type of pigmented targeted laser that can treat conditions such as freckles, lentigos (sunspots), seborrheic keratoses (age spots), some types of nevi (moles) and birthmarks. It is imperative that your dermatologist ensures birthmarks and moles are benign and have no trace of cancer before using this device. This is often done with a small sample biopsy, which is analyzed under a microscope to rule out any worrisome features. The PicoWay® is most well-known for its efficient tattoo removal treatment. The device has three separate wavelengths which allow it to specifically target and destroy different color ink. The PicoWay® is equipped with the newest generation of technology which allows it to generate very short picosecond laser pulses. Short duration laser pulses improve the effectiveness of treatment and minimizes damage to the surrounding unaffected skin.


Ablative facial resurfacing lasers are one of the most effective ways of rejuvenating the appearance of the skin. This category of lasers can impressively diminish the appearance of fine lines, tighten skin, even skin tone and improve skin texture. The CO2RE laser is a carbon dioxide laser which experts often consider the gold standard for facial rejuvenation. This laser selectively targets water inside skin cells which enables it to vaporize the top layers of skin. The body is then forced to regenerate new and healthy skin cells, free from years of sun damage and aging. Given how powerful this laser is, post-laser skincare is extremely important. Redness, swelling, scabbing and tenderness are common occurrences post-treatment, and a week of downtime is common. When administered by an experienced dermatologist or provider, the CO2RE can deliver excellent results.


Clear + Brilliant® helps reduce natural dullness, acne scarring and pigmentation with little-to-no downtime. We recommend a package of three Clear + Brilliant® treatments, but the number can be tailored to each patient’s concerns and skincare desires.


Only with the dual technology Fotona (Er:Yag Nd:Yag)can we offer a laser facelift by stimulating collagen and elastin from the inside out. The Fotona 4D laser facelift is a non-invasive laser with no downtime. It provides immediate freshness, tightness and a more youthful skin texture, all without using injectables.


Microneedling helps correct deep wrinkles, texture, scarring and stretch marks. The added radio frequency that is built into the machine helps speed up the healing process and stimulate faster collagen growth.

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