Inverted nipple correction is done for both cosmetic and functional reasons. Inverted nipples are usually caused by tethering of the ducts that are within the nipples to the underlying tissues. These tight ducts are released surgically, allowing the tip of the nipple to evert above the skin. The scar is nearly invisible.

Our Preferences:

Depending on the severity of the nipple inversion, we will either release some or most of the ducts tethering the nipple, occasionally an autologous material such as a dermal graft or fat graft may be required. We use dissolving sutures so patients don’t have to go through the stitch removal process.

Nipple Inversion Correction Surgery - Plastic Surgery Vancouver, Rejuvenation Coal Harbour, Dr. Diana Forbes


Medium Invasiveness.

Typically less than 1 hour.

Usually a return to normal activities within a day or two.

Smaller, more proportionately sized nipples, improved comfort, and confidence in appearance.

Treatment Areas

Treatment process:

  • Detailed consultation to evaluate the degree of inversion and discuss the desired outcome.
  • Procedure performed under local anesthesia.
  • Techniques to release the fibers and ducts causing the inversion and secure the nipple in an everted position.

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