Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement or augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical cosmetic procedure to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breasts.

Our philosophy is that any cosmetic procedure should withstand the test of time instead of chasing a trend. Our preference is to perform breast implant surgery with a natural look using a modest sized implant. We think modest sized implants cause the least stress on your natural breast tissue and skin and thus increase the longevity of the results.

Our Preferences:

We consistently employ the Keller Funnel and a “No-Touch” technique for breast implant insertion, a gold standard practice in this surgery. This approach aims to minimize the scar length, reduce trauma to the implant and surrounding tissues, and lower the risk of infection and capsular contracture. Our preference is to achieve a natural look in breast implant surgery, favoring modest-sized implants. This method puts minimal stress on your natural breast tissues and skin, ensuring beautiful, long-term results.

Breast Augmentation - Plastic Surgery Vancouver, Rejuvenation Coal Harbour, Dr. Diana Forbes


High Invasiveness.


Typically, patients resume normal activities within one week, with full recovery taking several weeks.

Enhanced breast volume, improved breast symmetry, and a more contoured figure.

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The friendliest staff you could ever ask for. The doctors are professional, sensitive to the patients needs, & explain medical terms in simple English.
- Trevor

Edmonton South

Such a kind and friendly atmosphere, everyone is so helpful and goes beyond to make you feel cared for. I had all my questions answered all my questions and procedures were well performed.
- Justine

Edmonton Downtown

From the moment I arrived to the moment I left - I can't say one thing wrong. I was telling my whole family to check this location out!
- Lorena

Calgary North

My experience so far has been amazing! The clinic is very modern and Dr Guo is very professional and explains things clearly. Special thanks to Marissa and the nursing team for being awesome! Highly recommended!
- Jeff

Calgary South

Excellent experience,great service,very kind nurses! Special shout out to Dr Dhaliwal, he Is terrific,very knowledgeable! Thanks
- linda appelt

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Very courteous service and relaxing environment. My dermatologist was very thorough and conscientious in making sure I understood everything. Outstanding view of Burrard Inlet while you wait, too!
- Mark Attisha

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