A Breast Lift, also known as “Mastopexy,” is a surgical procedure designed to reshape breast tissue, improving the breasts’ elongated appearance. It also involves elevating the nipple position and reducing the size of the areola, the pigmented area surrounding the nipple. Additionally, this procedure can decrease the volume and weight of the breasts, enhancing their overall appearance and comfort.

Our Preferences

We favor a small scar technique for our procedures, utilizing an incision around the areola and a vertical incision down the breast. In most cases, there’s no need to add an “anchor scar” along the bottom of the breast. Additionally, we often incorporate liposuction to enhance the contour of the lateral breast and the axillary region, particularly for patients with extra tissue in these areas.

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High Invasiveness.

Long-lasting, with gravity and aging eventually altering results.

Most activities can be resumed within a week; full recovery may take several weeks.

Raised and firmer breasts, improved nipple position, and enhanced breast shape.

Treatment Areas

A breast lift is ideal for:

  • Lifting breasts due to aging or weight loss.
  • Restoring shape after pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Improving nipple and areola position and symmetry.

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