Dr. Navi Dhaliwal MD, CCFP, PgDip graduated Cum Laude from the University of Debrecen and was Chief Resident during his residency training in Pittsburgh, PA. He began his career as a general practitioner in Edmonton and subsequently focused his practice on hair loss and restoration, cosmetics and skin disease, and venous pathology upon his move to Calgary. There he obtained a post-graduate diploma from Cardiff University focusing on all aspects of skin disease, as well as hair loss and venous disease.

Dr. Dhaliwal developed a particular passion for hair loss through his own personal journey and began to dive into the pathophysiology of hair loss. He began expanding his skill set by training alongside world-renowned surgeons across the globe in Miami, Los Angeles, Asia, and Europe. It is part of Dr. Dhaliwal’s commitment to his patients to stay in the know with the latest hair loss technology. Dr. Dhaliwal takes his time with each patient to discuss all viable options for treatment. If non-invasive procedures will yield a high probability of success, he ensures that his patients are offered this option prior to surgery.

Dr. Dhaliwal is a member of the prestigious International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). He is highly trained in multiple types of hair restoration techniques, including the lateral-slit technique, FUE, and the use of custom-made blades for the creation of recipient sites. With his post-graduate training in non-surgical hair loss, he takes a vested interest in each patient and utilizes all preventative measures for hair loss prior to surgery.

In addition to his hair restoration speciality, Dr. Dhaliwal also offers extensive knowledge in the fields of skin and cosmetics, as well as venous disease. In addition to being a member of the ISHRS, he is a member of the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine, Primary Care Dermatology Society of Canada, and Canadian Society of Phlebology. He uses his artistic eye to focus on aesthetic balance and symmetry in his cosmetic patients to create a beautifully natural, refreshing result. To complement his procedural training, he received one on one training in venous disease from Dr. Ron Young and Dr. Lilly Wouters, allowing him to treat venous insufficiency and associated pathologies, which has become a rewarding area in his varieties of expertise.

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Dr. Navi Dhaliwal

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Dr. Navi Dhaliwal

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