In my humble (I can practically hear my nurses scoffing at that) opinion, no place has as many benefits and bang for your buck to put a vial or more of filler as the cheeks do. Patients come in asking to tackle a lot of different aesthetic concerns, and very few of them aren’t at least partially improved by properly placed cheek dermal fillers.

The cheekbones and jawline are the foundations of the face. Like the frame of a building, all the finishing touches would mean nothing without this core structure at the centre. They define our face shape and maintain the tension in our skin and musculature that fight sagging. Sadly, as we age, we lose volume, and the lifting that the cheekbones do is lessened, leading to sagging in mid-face, swell as around the nasolabial folds, around the mouth and even into the jowls.

By placing a firm filler, like Juvéderm® Voluma®, along the zygomatic bone (cheekbone), we can replace the lost volume and re-establish the lifting vectors we want in the face.

Everyone has looked in the mirror and placed their hands on the cheekbones and lifted backwards once or twice (or every morning, no shame in it), and that faux facelift is the same concept as what the filler will do subtly and naturally.

After cheek filler, you can expect to see multiple benefits due to this volume replacement. The under eyes, which might be sagging or hollowing, will be pulled tighter, making those tired, dark circles less prominent. The nasolabial folds (those deep lines from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth) will be pulled up and reduced. Even the corner of the mouth itself can be lifted, often inverting a subtle, sad, downturned corner, into a lifted, happier corner of the mouth.

Depending on how much we add to the cheek, we can even get lift lower in the face. Jowls and other lower face sagging can be raised and tightened with basic cheek filler along the cheekbone, but even more so if we add more filler in the region below the cheekbone itself and anterior to our ears.

This is all without even mentioning the fact that there’s a reason that the modelling and cosmetic industries are obsessed with strong, distinct cheekbones themselves because they look great. They not only give definition and shadowing but even though we are adding volume, the change in angles slims the face. When it’s done right by a trained practitioner, the benefits are almost too many to count.

If any of those areas mentioned are your areas of concern, don’t just rush to chase the specific spot with filler, think about the foundation, build the cheek, and enjoy the all-around benefits that great cheek filler brings.