With a few syringes of Juvéderm’s Volux, we can reshape and define people’s jawlines, improving the aesthetic contour, balancing asymmetries, reducing jowls and tightening submental loose skin (that pesky area below our jaw).

The treatment is being sought out by both women and men, with women looking for that Snapchat filter definition and men looking for the more masculine, stronger, fuller jawline. All of which is achievable in the hands of a great injector.

At Rejuvenation we are lucky to have been one of the first clinics with access to Juvéderm’s Volux®, a new filler indicated only for jaws and chins. It is more concentrated, cohesive and elastic than the fillers that came before it, meaning it provides more volume per syringe, sharper results ideal for jawline sculpting and longer lasting, multi-year results. We’ve had a head start on perfecting our skills with this product and technique and would love to talk with you about how we can get you jaw-dropping (get it?) results!