Articles From Our Dermatologists

Dr inserting Botox®
Dr. Michael Massie

Choosing a Neurotoxin

You’ve decided it’s time; you want to start doing some Botox® treatments. So, as everyone does, you ask your friends the important questions that come to mind.

Botox® being injected into patient's neck

The Secret to Sweating Less

I’m writing this blog post while on vacation in Hawaii. The scenery is gorgeous, the fish is fresh and tasty, the music is relaxing, and I am sweating profusely.

Patient in goggles receiving PicoWay on forehead

Pores, Pico, and Instagram Filters

In the digital era of Instagram filters and photoshopping, it seems we are constantly being inundated with photos of “perfect, pore-less skin”, or the latest greatest makeup primer that promises to “shrink and blur” pores.

Tech injecting old man
Dr. Michael Massie

Under-eye Filler is the Best Concealer

Let’s call it like it is; life can be exhausting. In today’s world, between work, studies, personal commitments and the constant barrage of information, e-mails and social media we’re expected to keep up with, it’s no wonder we all feel and look exhausted.

Patient receiving injectable in cheek
Dr. Michael Massie

Why Cheek Filler?

We can put dermal fillers nearly everywhere that the face has lost volume, but not all areas can have as impactful of a change as others.